Welcome to ECD in Africa

This site was established in 2010 at a time that a then-existing African ECD Network site was taken down and key historical materials (African networks, conferences, and certain documents) became largely inaccessible. The purpose of this site is to retrieve, preserve and add to such materials. In 2022 the site underwent a redesign and an expansion of its resource materials as part of an initiative undertaken by Dr. Patrick Makokoro working with the UNESCO Tri-Chairs for ECD (Africa-focus).


The ‘mission’ of the UNESCO Tri-Chairs can be understood as: to encourage ‘a thousand flowers to bloom’ in support of ECD in Africa. Our purpose is to collaborate with key governmental and non-governmental organizations at Africa, Regional and Country levels, with a particular focus on how post-secondary institutions in Africa can better support ECD capacity development through undertaking context-relevant education, research, and a range of cooperative initiatives.

Our Initiatives

Africa Based Capacity Development

The ABCD is based on innovative approaches to capacity development that have been evaluated very favorably in two World Bank external evaluations.

Sankofa Projects

Projects appreciating the past in planning the future of early childhood education, care, and development (ECD) with reference to ECD Networks and Conferences.

ECD Research in sub-Saharan Africa Compendium Project

The ECD Compendium is a searchable database of publications pertaining to the education, care, and development of young children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Early Childhood Development Virtual University

The ECDVU is an innovative and multi-faceted approach to addressing Early Childhood Education, Care, and Development (ECD) leadership and capacity development needs in the Majority World.

The African Scholars & Institutions Initiative

This AS&I grows out of many inter-related activities, including the ECDVU, the Compendium Project, the Conference series 1999-2009, and more, with all connected by a commitment to promote contextually relevant, Africa-focused, ECD scholarly work.

In the news

Sankofa: Appreciating the Past in Planning the Future of Early Childhood Education, Care and Development (ECD) in Africa had several inspirations. One was a question by a self-described ‘millennial’ leader: ‘why had he not been told the history of ECD in Africa’ before undertaking such leadership.

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